About Me

My name is Jyoti, and a great boy named Manoj I call him Majnu is in love with me. We’ve been together for more than three years, and every day our relationship gets better.

Manoj has always been there for me, no matter what life has thrown our way. He is the most helpful person I know, which makes me like him even more.


I just started a blog with quotes about love that are all about my beloved Manoj. It’s a lot of fun because I can tell him how much I care about him in words that he can read when he’s having a hard time and needs some extra support or motivation.

It also gives other people the chance to learn from our mistakes.

On the “About Us” page of this blog, you’ll find information about me, Jyoti, and about how we met (which was quite romantic).

You’ll also learn why we decided to start this project together: after being so close to each other for so many years, we wanted to make something real so that other people could see how beautiful true love is.

Little About small and cute Love story

Since college, Jyoti and Manoj had been friends. They both loved to write, but after they graduated, their lives took different turns. Manoj went after his dream of becoming a writer, while Jyoti went into marketing.

One day, they met up for coffee and quickly started talking about books they liked and stories they wanted to write someday. Then they had an idea: why not start a blog together where they could talk about how much they love writing? So began “Love Story,” a website where people can share romantic stories from all over the world.

Soon, the blog was read by a lot of people who liked Jyoti’s heartfelt posts about her own romantic experiences and Manoj’s funny thoughts on the relationships between characters in books he read as a child.

Together, these two writers made something special: a place where anyone can go to get tips on how to write love stories or just have some fun with heart-related topics.

So, if you ever need some relationship inspiration or advice, please don’t hesitate to stop by Love Quotes For Her Blog!