Crazy Love Quotes for Him


Love is a powerful emotion that may uplift us and make our lives happier🥰. Words might occasionally fall short when it comes to expressing our love to our significant others.

We’ve created a list of Crazy Love Quotes for Him in light of this. These sayings are intended to arouse powerful feelings and express how deeply you adore the unique man in your life❤️.

You’re sure to discover the ideal quote here that properly expresses your thoughts, whether you’re looking for one to include in a love letter or post on social media. So let’s start by reading through this assortment of heartwarming quotations and show some love❤️ today!

Crazy Love Quotes for Him

Crazy Love Quotes for Him

❤️It’s amazing how much one person can have an impact on you.

❤️Sometimes all I need is to hear your voice.

❤️Remember, it’s okay to kiss me whenever you feel like it since we’re really in love. Susan Collins

❤️”I developed feelings for you. Just for who you are, not for how you appear. (Although you also look fantastic)

❤️”You are my life’s love and my love’s life,” I said.

Crazy Love Quotes for Him

❤️”Your love makes me crazy in the most fantastic manner,” you say.

❤️”I adore my children. They excite me to no end. (Colin Farrell)

❤️”I’ll never get tired of marvelling at you; you can never bore me.”

❤️”I’ll look for you in a sea of people every time.”

❤️The most precious thing I have in my heart is you, I tell you.

Crazy Love Quotes for Him

❤️When someone is in love, weird things can happen. Hero Hercules

❤️”You frustrate me, but you keep me sane,” Melanie Lee

❤️”Of course I’m acting crazy! I adore you! Doctor Zoidberg

❤️To locate your crazy lover, “be a crazy beloved.” M. F. Moonzajer

❤️Crazy love is short-lived, but the love between two crazy people endures forever.

Crazy Love Quotes for Him

❤️”I’m not responsible for what happens after you kiss my neck,” I said.

❤️”Love: A transient illness that marriage can cure.” A. M. Bierce

❤️”I would go crazy without you, darling, therefore I love you like crazy.” (Pixie Foudre)

❤️”Love is not love when it is not crazy.” Pete Calderon de la Barca

❤️”I want to be able to see you and cuddle you because I adore you and am passionate about you.”

Crazy Love Quotes for Him

❤️”Yes, that is insane. Either love is wild or it isn’t love at all. (Milton Kundera)

❤️And may I never again find sanity if love is craziness. J. Mark Green

❤️Take a lover who thinks you could be magical.

❤️”Am I falling in love or am I crazy? Is it actually simply a new crush? Dave Archuleta

❤️I wanted to be the only female he ever thinks of, the girl he loves, and the girl he cares about.

Crazy Love Quotes for Him

❤️Perhaps some girls are simply designed to be set go rather than controlled, guy.

❤️”I want to love first and live incidentally. I don’t want to live.”

❤️The intellect empties while the heart fills up in love, like an hourglass. Judge Renard

❤️”I may be having the worst day ever, but as soon as I see you, everything changes.”

❤️She could question your sanity if you love her so much, but never your passion.

Crazy Love Quotes for Him

❤️I give her a grin. You’re a saint, I say. No, she replies. I’m just a girl who is madly in love. Pitacus Lore

❤️You can touch a lady in a way that makes her go insane. her soul.” Melissa Griffith

❤️She could question your sanity if you love her so much, but never your passion. Denton Jackson

❤️I was occasionally mad, but only when my heart was touched.

❤️”You are my everything, my heart, soul, treasure, now, tomorrow, and forever.”

Crazy Love Quotes for Him

❤️I vouch that I could not possibly love you more than I do right now, but I know that I will in the future.- Christopher Leo

❤️You are my sun, moon, and all of my stars; yours is the light by which my spirit is born.-E. E. Cummings

❤️”True love is a term invented by a lunatic to drive the believers insane.” – Lourduraj, Luffina

❤️I LOVE you, you wild, beautiful, fantastic (albeit occasionally slightly strange – but still very great) person.

❤️Tonight, my love for you is so intense and delicate that it also appears to exist outside of me.-(Katherine Mansfield)

Crazy Love Quotes for Him

❤️”Love usually involves some kind of lunacy. However, there is always a rhyme or reason to the chaos. Nietzsche, Friedrich

V”When in love, one becomes really wild.” (Sigmund Freud)

❤️”Love makes you act irrationally.”Willie Rosenberg

❤️What else is a clumsy girl to do except stumble in delicious insane love when he felt like sin but tasted like love? Melanie Lee

❤️”Love is the strongest of all passions because it assaults the mind, the heart, and the senses all at once.”-Leo Tzu

Crazy Love Quotes for Him

❤️”They’re both a bit messed up and a little insane. However, they’ve decided to be screwed up together. (Kandi Steiner)

❤️Even when reason attempts to save you while you are deeply in love, you fight it. Matshona Dhliwayo

❤️”I’m a weird girl who is utterly lost and bewildered. Even worse, I fear that I may now be completely in love with you. (Michael Faudet)

❤️”They said I had to make her laugh in order to win her heart. But I’m the one who falls in love whenever she laughs.

❤️”When you fall in love, getting up is simple. However, it is hard to stand up again after you’ve fallen in love. -Einstein, Albert

Crazy Love Quotes for Him

❤️I wanted insane love, the type of love that simultaneously produced and destroyed, not the simple kind of love. Murphy, Julie

❤️”I don’t just tell you I love you because it’s habitual. I mention this to let you know how wonderful you are and how fortunate I am to have found you. I adore you.

❤️”When you come across someone who can laugh you out loud. Smile. Grow. Lust. Want. Crave. Feel. make you angry yet joyful. Save that. That is elation.

❤️I recognise you. Sara, both inside and out. I recognise you, and I’ve accepted everything. Every bit as insane. And don’t forget that I still adore you. (Emme Rollins)

Crazy Love Quotes for Him

❤️”There is no treatment for the insane sometimes.” Dale stroked my hair while he moaned. “I believe we must all continue to love whatever the situation. That could be the solution. (Emme Rollins)

❤️”I want you to be in a relationship with someone who genuinely loves you. A crazy love! Crazy in love! I want yours to go down in history as the greatest love tale ever! Luci Robinson

❤️”Love drives you nuts, insane things. Things that you’d never picture yourself doing in a million years. However, you are doing them there. cannot avoid it – Alex

❤️”It’s a waste of your time unless it’s crazy, passionate, wonderful love. Love shouldn’t be one of life’s many mediocre experiences because there are too many of them.

Crazy Love Quotes for Him

❤️The first few days when you genuinely begin to experience the signs of being in love with someone special are filled with exquisite happiness and unreasonably irrational lunacy. (Abhijit Naskar)

❤️“See? It’s over, he declared while waiving his hand. That’s a big part of who we are, Luce. I’m insane. You’re insane. Together, we create a unique variety of crazy. Michelle Williams

❤️”Because your love won and you’re making a fool of me, darling. I don’t care if everyone sees it because you’ve got me sprung, sweetheart. Beyoncé Knowles

❤️Love is the finest sort of crazy, my baby. You’re so delighted to realise you’ve lost your mind, and since it’s lost anyhow, wouldn’t it be better to be content?

Crazy Love Quotes for Him


We experience emotions and act in ways that we ordinarily wouldn’t in other situations. It first has an actual physical impact on our hormones and brain. In fact, Research has revealed that the effects of love on the brain are Comparable to those of cocaine Addiction.
Being in love entails having a strong desire for the other person, thinking about them frequently, and wanting to spend time with them. Crazy in love with someone means that you adore them, are deeply in love with them, and cannot fathom your life without them.


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