Funny Love Quotes for Him


You have arrived at the ideal location if you are seeking Funny Love Quotes for Him. With these funny love quotes for him, you can tell him how you feel in a lighthearted and funny way.

If you want to make your significant other laugh or just want to show them how much you care, These quotes will do the trick. So, go ahead and send one of these funny and sweet love quotes to your special someone to brighten their day.

Funny Love Quotes for Him

Funny Love Quotes for Him

❤You’re being detained because you’re too cute. Your penalty is to be silent, and if you don’t, you’ll get kisses to keep quiet.

❤I cherish you. You irritate me more than I could have ever imagined. But I want to be with you through every annoying minute.

❤I would slay a bear for you because I adore you so. Well, not a panda bear since they know Kung Fu, and not a grizzly bear because they have claws. However, if it were a care bear, I would unquestionably defend you.

❤You top my pasta with cheese, frappuccinos with cream, and red velvet cakes with cheesecake.

❤When I started along this road of falling in love with you repeatedly, I wished there was a traffic light to inform me when to stop, go, and slow down.

Funny Love Quotes for Him

❤I don’t trust anyone else with my passwords but you. I’m not going to tell you about them, but if you did, I probably wouldn’t change them.

❤”Even if I could marry food, I would still pick you over pizza,’ she said. And that is significant.

❤I’m very sure I can’t have a meaningful discussion with anyone else about a horribly foolish hypothetical situation.

❤Without your powerful muscles, I’m not sure how I would manage to open the pickle jars. We both understand how much I depend on my pickles.

❤Although you adore flowers, you cut them. You say you love me, yet you eat animals. As a result, I’m afraid now.

Funny Love Quotes for Him

❤If you were the subject of an online meme, it would probably be made to make people laugh hysterically.

❤We resemble Romeo and Juliet… except, of course, for the dying part.

❤You’re more entertaining than a pool full with sweets and colourful balls.

❤I tell you what. I simply don’t understand what it is about you! You are both so annoying and endearing at the same time!.

❤I enjoy having you around because when you do unusual things too, it doesn’t seem as odd.

Funny Love Quotes for Him

❤If love is a mistake, then loving you is the worst mistake I’ve ever made.

❤Do you mind giving me a kiss? I swear to return it.

❤You are an 11 on a scale of 1 to 10.

❤You don’t strike me as clumsy. Simply said, the walls and the floor are quite welcoming to you.

❤Please don’t make me prove to you that I love you more than coffee.

Funny Love Quotes for Him

❤Up until I met you, my intellect was doing incredible wonders every day, all year long, seven days a week.

❤You make my life more meaningful while also taking away part of my mental capacity.

❤You improve everything, just like bacon, beer, and chocolate do.

❤In a dream, I continued to adore you. I believe I screamed when I awoke.

❤I didn’t fall in love with someone right away. It took five minutes in total.

Funny Love Quotes for Him

❤I adore my wacky, silly, and occasionally foolish guy.

❤I occasionally ponder how you tolerate me. Then I recall that I tolerated you. We are now equal.

❤You are like that one sock that just vanishes without a trace. I’m not sure what I did to make you leave, but I want you to come back.

❤It’s like a snooze when we’re together. Just just not long enough..

❤My brightness today blended with a little hurricane.

Funny Love Quotes for Him

❤Even when I’m really hungry, I still adore you.

❤Before hipsters were popular, you were cool.

❤I’m so grateful you aren’t a drug. If you were, I would develop an absurd addiction and would need to enter treatment.

❤Everybody has those days when they feel like they won’t do anything. And on those days, I am confident that I can count on you to join me in doing nothing.

❤You broke my heart, therefore I’m plotting retaliation… Your last name will be mine.

Funny Love Quotes for Him

❤You’re such a sweetheart that if I suddenly developed murderous psychosis, I would kill you first.

❤You are a very lucky man to have me, I think to myself occasionally as I gaze upon you.

❤Tomorrow morning, I’d want to prepare you breakfast in bed. How do you feel?

❤I occasionally run fantastic ideas by you to make sure they aren’t very foolish, which is usually the appropriate thing to do.

❤I care about you enough to maintain our Samsung-iPhone partnership.

Funny Love Quotes for Him

❤So I can steal your body heat, let’s snuggle.

❤I did nothing constructive today—not a single thing! But I had you in mind. So, today was a nice day.

❤You force me to perform tasks that I find unpleasant. such is falling in love with you before I’m ready.

❤You’re so hot that you could never be ice cream.

❤You make me feel so cosy that I think of you as being a human pair of sweatpants.

Funny Love Quotes for Him

❤Whenever you’re gone, I get separation anxiety. So, if you just stayed here forever, I’d be much happy.

❤”I wouldn’t have a problem repopulating the world with you—quickly” is what he said if we were the only two people left.

❤I’m feeling a bit daring right now… Maybe we can carry that sensation into the bedroom later?

❤”Penguins and polar bears need to be afraid of your cuteness.”

❤A few cartoon bluebirds would be perched on your shoulders right now, singing, if they were real.

Funny Love Quotes for Him

❤You are, except food, my favourite.

❤What makes anything awesome? Cocoa cake! Oh, and your face too.

❤I’m not sure why, but I find you weirdly alluring when you do humiliating things.

❤It’s a lot of fun to make me look like a total moron with you.

❤Although I would give anything to be with you all the time, there are days when I actually have to get things done.

Funny Love Quotes for Him

❤Being me is undoubtedly difficult, which is why I need you.

❤Although it sounds cheesy, you are amazing!

❤When others ask me what I’m thinking about, you are that “nothing.”

❤You’re almost as good as cake, you know. Almost.

❤Even if you are imperfect, we can still get along because of how strange you are compared to me.

Funny Love Quotes for Him

❤I adore you with all of my heart, slices and bites.

❤I’m simply intoxicated by you; I’m not even drunk.

❤Even if you’re not obscenely attractive, you’re pretty darn near. as in really near!

❤I simply want to hang around and do foolish stuff with you.

❤You improve everything, just like bacon, beer, and chocolate do.

Funny Love Quotes for Him


What Romantic phrases for him are cute and funny?

Funny And Sweet Love Quotes For Him 1. “I believe you are deficient in vitamin me.” I want to snuggle with you so I may steal your body heat, 2. 3. “I cherish you. You Irritate me more than I could have ever imagined. But I want to be with you through every annoying minute. 4. “I adore you Despite the fact that I’m quite hungry.”

Why should you read amusing love quotes?

Funny Love phrases may maintain the flame and facilitate a smoother Transition. Something can never be dull if it also has sweetness and caring. Even in difficult situations, You may find Humor in love quotes. You may be able to avoid tense Situations and conflicts in everyday life.

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