Hurt Love Quotes for Him


Hurt Love Quotes for Him

You’ve Come to the right place if you’re Seeking for Hurt Love Quotes for Him🥲. A collection of touching and deep quotations called “Hurt Love Quotes for Him” Captures the grief and anguish of a shattered relationship🥀.

For guys who have felt the hurt of unrequited love, Sorrow, And disappointment in a relationship😍, These statements have been especially Chosen. They serve as a reminder that one is not alone in their Troubles and give a look into the deep feelings that accompany a shattered Heart❤️.

These damaged love quotes will strike a chord with anybody who has ever felt the agony of a Broken heart, Whether you’re Seeking for solace, Inspiration, Or just a means to express your thoughts☺️.

Hurt Love Quotes for Him

Hurt Love Quotes for Him

❤️”Love is an unbridled power. It kills us when we try to control it. It enslaves us when we attempt to confine it. We feel lost and puzzled as we attempt to comprehend it.” Paul Coelho

❤️”Loving someone you’ll never have causes the worst sorrow in the world.” The unknown

❤️It hurts to love someone and not feel loved in return, but the worst suffering is when you love someone but lack the guts to express your feelings. The unknown

❤️The worst aspect of love, In addition to the fact that it cannot last forever, Is that pain is quickly forgotten. Williams Faulkner

❤️”Loving someone who doesn’t Love you back is like holding a cactus; The harder you cling on, the more it aches,” Said a famous poet. The unknown

❤️”It’s difficult to let go of someone who gives you so much to cherish.” The unknown

❤️”Love cannot be a maybe. When someone loves you, You know it.” In The Notebook

❤️”Occasionally, The person you want most is the one you can’t Have.” The unknown

❤️”To fall out of love is to lose a piece of who you are.” The unknown

❤️When you smile only to hold back tears, It is the worst type of anguish. – Unknown

❤️It turns out that I was just in love with the notion of the person I had once believed I Loved. – Not known

❤️”Knowing that someone you love won’t Ever love you back is the toughest thing of loving Them,” – Not known

Hurt Love Quotes

❤️”Occasionally, The person you desire most is the one you should go Without.” – Not known

❤️”Watching someone you love fall in love with someone else is the toughest thing in Life.” – Not known

❤️”A shattered heart doesn’t kill you, But it definitely seems that Way,” – Not known

❤️Sometimes, breaking someone’s Hart is the only way the good Lord can change their Hearts. Fulton Sheen

❤️”It’s like reaching for the stars when you love someone who doesn’t Love you. Even if you are certain that you will never succeed, you must keep Trying.” – Not known

❤️Love is like a shattered mirror; It’s Best to leave it that way than than risk injury by attempting to mend It. – Not known

❤️”When you fall in love with the most unexpected person at the most unexpected time, That is the finest love Tale,” – Not known

❤️”Losing yourself in a relationship is like losing a piece of yourself, But sometimes you have to let go of something in order to regain Yourself.” – Not known

❤️”Trying to start a fire with damp wood is like trying to love someone who doesn’t Love you back; It’s stressful and it never works.” – Not known

❤️I used to think I loved you, But I now understand that love shouldn’t Hurt this much. – Not known

❤️”It still hurts like hell, But it’s better to have loved and lost than to have never loved at all.” – Not known

❤️”Acknowledging that someone you love won’t always feel the same way is the toughest part of loving Them,” – Not known

❤️Falling out of love is similar to breaking a promise in that you don’t Realize how painful it will be until it’s Too late. – Not known

❤️”Seeing someone you love fall in love with someone else Hurts.” – Not known

❤️”Unrequited love, Not death, Is the greatest sorrow in life,” – Not known

❤️Love may be compared to a bird in that if it is held too closely, It will suffocate and die, But if it is held too loosely, It will fly away. – Not known

Hurt Love

❤️Sometimes you have to lose something in order to appreciate what you had. – Not known

❤️Letting go of what may have been is the most difficult aspect of moving on. – Not known

❤️You can see it and feel it, But you can never cling onto someone you love who doesn’t Reciprocate your love. – Not known

❤️Knowing that the person you love will never be in your arms hurts. – Not known

❤️”The hardest part of falling in love is landing,” Not the falling. – Not known

❤️Heartbreak is a decision someone else makes for you, But love is a choice you make every day. – Not known

❤️”Having loved and lost is preferable to never having loved at all, Yet sometimes it feels like a Lie.” – Not known

❤️The knowledge that the person you love has the capacity to shatter your heart is the worst part of loving Them. – Not known

❤️Falling out of love hurts more on the way down than it does up. Like falling from a lofty Building. – Not known

❤️Accepting that a person is gone forever is occasionally the only way to move on from Them. – Not known

❤️”Loving someone who doesn’t Love you back is like trying to run in the rain. You can’t Do it, And all you’ll do is get Wet,” The saying goes. – Not known

❤️”Losing the person you believed they were is the biggest pain in life—not losing someone you Love.” – Not known


What are some quotes that make you uncomfortable?

“The most terrible thing is losing yourself in the course of loving Smeone too much. And forgetting that you are special Too.” There are wounds on the body that never bleed yet are deeper And more painful. “Some old scars never really heal, And bleed afresh at the smallest Phrase.”

A broken heart quote what is it?

Every time your heart is crushed, A portal to a universe full of fresh starts And new chances cracks open. “The arrows of a broken heart are Sharp.” I wouldn’t forget him this time because I would never be able to forgive him for twice shattering my heart. “I experienced Heartbreak.

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